Heat Recovery System

The Heat Recovery System operates with Indirect Radiant ovens baking with infrared radiation.

All gas burners draw in a large amount of air for combustion. 1.0 m of gas requires  3.0 mof oxygen (approximately 15 mof air) for complete combustion. This air is exhausted through the zone extraction system of a DGF oven and thriough the natural draught burner flue of an indirect fired oven.

The hot air and burned gas in the burner flues of an Indirect Radiant oven are at a high temperature, typically over 250 degrees C and this hot air can be recovered and used for baking in a Heat Recovery System.

The hot air can be diverted from the flues to a collection pipe running along the top of the oven. The hot air is drawn down the length of the oven by a fan which blows the hot air into a final radiant oven zone. This zone does not require a burner and is heated by radiant ducts above and below the baking band.

The Heat Recovery System reduces the total fuel consumption of the oven and improves the quality of the biscuits by giving a more even distribution of moisture between the centre and outside of the biscuits.

HRS pics

                                              Baker Pacific Indirect Radiant Oven with Heat Recovery System

For enquiries and more information contact Baker Pacific at bakerman@bakerpacific.net

LOGO 2014

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