Technology Transfer

Direct Gas Fired Ovens

Baker Pacific are the designers and builders of international quality Direct Gas Fired and Indirect Radiant ovens. Our experience in design, manufacture, installation and commissioning is over 50 years with Baker Perkins Ltd and Baker Pacific Ltd.

Baker Pacific Direct Gas Fired Oven

  • Direct Gas Fired (DGF) ovens bake with infrared radiation, the optimum heat transfer to create excellent volume, structure and texture of the products.
  • DGF ovens provide radiant heat over a wide range of heat ratings
  • Suitable for a wide range of products: crackers, semi-sweet biscuits, short doughs.
  • Rapid and responsive control of heat input and accurate temperature control
  • DGF / Indirect Radiant ovens are the best specification for most biscuit baking


  • Oven design data
  • Assembly and detail manufacturing drawings
  • Parts lists
  • Material specifications
  • Key component specifications
  • Control and safety systems
  • Electrical wiring diagrams
  • Installation schedule
  • Operation and maintenance manual

Complete set of manufacturing drawings and parts lists

Baker Pacific hybrid Direct Gas Fired / Indirect Radiant oven for snack crackers and biscuits

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