Healthy snacks from Indonesia

Krupuk and Kripik crackers – cassava (singkong)

Krupuk is well known throughout Indonesia, and is usually eaten with rice or other street foods. Krupuk is sold in supermarkets, convenience stores and markets.

There are two types krupuk: fried krupuk which is ready to serve and dry krupuk which is uncooked.

There are many varieties and flavours of krupuk from seafood (shrimp, fish, or squid), and from rice, corn, fruits, nuts and vegetables. Kerupuk udang (prawn cracker) is the most popular.

Keripik or kripik are sliced and usually made from cassava, yam, fruits or vegetable, for example keripik pisang (banana), singkong (cassava), kentang (potato), mangga (mango), nangka (jack fruit). Keripik are deep fried.

The dominant tastes of keripik are many: salty or spicy or sweet or crispy or a combination of flavours.

 Keripik is very popular and found everywhere in Indonesia. There are also regional specialities of keripik, such as Keripik sanjay (spicy cassava) in Minangkabau.

Here are the types of crackers we most often encountered in Indonesia

  • Prawn crackers (Krupuk udang)
  • Garlic crackers (Krupuk bawang)
  • Fish crackers (Krupuk ikan)
  • Crackers from skin of meat or fish (Krupuk kulit)


Emping crackers are made from melinjo (Gnetum gnemon) nuts (which are actually seeds). Emping crackers have a slightly bitter taste. There are various flavours, plain, salty, sweet and hot spicy.

Rempeyek / Peyek

Rempeyek or peyek are fried snacks made from rice flour and garlic mixed with water. Usually peyek is filled with peanut or soybean, or anchovy, ebi or small prawn. Another variety of rempeyek is made from spinach leaves.


Rengginang is found in Java and Sumatra. It is a rice cracker made from sticky glutinous  rice and seasoned. It is shaped round and dried under the sunlight. The dry rengginang is deep fried in cooking oil.

Indonesian snacks

Our complete study includes the following categories:

  • Krupuk and keripik
  • Soya
  • Corn
  • Potato
  • Nuts and pulses
  • Wheat
  • Rice and sago
  • Fruit and vegetable
  • Fish and chicken

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