Vegetable Crackers

Process guide


Very light and delicate texture snack crackers with vegetable flakes and oil sprayed to give an aromatic flavour. These crackers are usually modified with proteolytic enzyme and aerated with ammonium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate.

Product specification

Dimensions:             48 x 48mm

Thickness:                 4.4mm

Weight:                     3.75gms

Appearance:            Evenly blistered

Colour:                      Golden with vegetable flakes

Texture:                    Light and delicate with soft mouth-feel

Flavour:                    Aromatic flavour

PH:                             5.5

Moisture:                  2.5%


  1. Flowpack with stack of 6 biscuits, packed in cartons.
  2. Biscuits on edge in trays and wrapped in Flowpack.

Production output

Oven cutting machine width 1250mm

No. of crackers across the band: 21

Baking time: 5.0 mins

Biscuits per min. 21 x 965 = 20265/5 = 4053

Kg per hour: 4053 x 60 x 3.75/1000 = 912

Output at 90% efficiency: 820 kg/hr

Baking time: 4.0 mins

Biscuits per min. 21 x 965 = 20265/4 = 5066

Kg per hour: 5066 x 60 x 3.75/1000 = 1140

Output at 90% efficiency: 1025 kg/hr

Nutritional data

Vegetable cracker (1)   
RecipeWeight (kgs)Moisture content and loss during baking %Dry weight CarbohydrateProteinFatEnergy kcal
Wheat flour100.0014.086.00 77700.09400.01300.0350000
Fat13.540.013.54 0.00.013540.0121860
Malt extract2.0820.01.66 1460.094.02.06052
Invert syrup1.0423.00.80 759.00.00.03078
Ammonium bicarbonate2.6010.00.00
Sodium bicarbonate0.4450.00.22
P. enzyme0.180.00.18
Vegetable flakes2.0012.01.80
Totals    79919.09494.014842.0480990
Total weight of mix148.16       
Total dry weight  105.48     
Final moisture content 3.0      
Yield of biscuits108.74       
Nutritional values of vegetable crackers per 100gm      
Energy (kcal)442.30
Protein (gm)8.70
Carbohydrate (gm)73.50
Fat (gm)13.60
(1) calculated from table of McCance and Widdowson 1991


Savoury crackers are mixed on horizontal mixers and the dough is stood to allow the action of the protoelytic enzyme on the gluten. Forming is by sheeting and cutting. Baking is on a Z47 type wire-mesh band. The crackers are oil sprayed immediately after baking.

Formulation                           (1)                        (2)

                                                with enzyme      with SMS

Flour (weak)                                 100.00                      90.00

Cornflour                                          –                             10.00

Powdered sugar                             –                                3.00

Invert syrup 70%                           1.04                          16.0

Malt extract 80%                            2.08                           –

Dough fat                                        13.54                         14.0

Lecithin                                             –                                 0.28

Ammonium bicarbonate              2.60                           3.00

Sodium bicarbonate                      0.44                           1.00

Acid calcium phosphate               0.05                           –

Salt                                                    1.23                           1.00

SMS                                                    –                                 0.05

Proteolytic enzyme                       0.18                           –

Dehydrated vegetable flakes      2.00                           2.00

Water                                               25.0                           25.0

Critical ingredients

  1. Flour should be weak with a protein content of 8-9%.
  2. Proteolytic enzyme (proteinase).
  3. Oil for spraying: coconut oil or palm kernel oil are suitable and have a good resistance to rancidity.

Alternative formulations

Similar products can be made using SMS (sodium metabisulphite) in place of the proteolytic enzyme. The SMS increases the extensibility of the gluten and does not require the 3 hour standing time.

Process: Dough mixing

An “all in” mix on a horizontal mixer. Horizontal 2 speed (30/60rpm) or variable speed mixer.  75KW motor

Baker Perkins High Speed mixer with shaftless blade

Temperature of final mix about 33 degrees C for enzyme doughs

Temperature of final mix about 40 degrees C for SMS doughs.

The vegetable flakes may be mixed into the dough.

Standing time

After mixing the dough is stood to allow the enzyme to react with the gluten. The standing time is about 3 hours at 35 degrees C. The time must be determined carefully depending on the amount of enzyme and the quality of the flour in order to achieve the soft, delicate eating texture of the cracker. Doughs made with SMS do not require a standing time.


The dough is sheeted, gauged and cut, (laminating is not required).

3 roll sheeter with good scrap incorporation

3 pairs of gauge rolls (final rolls 400mm diam.)

Rotary cutter (single roll or two roll system)

Vegetable flake sprinkler may be positioned before the final gauge roll unit

Biscuit cutting machine from Dingson Food Machinery, China

Typical roll gap settings are:

Sheeter:                                12mm

Gauge roll 1:                        6

Gauge roll 2:                        3

Gauge roll 3:                        1.5

If the vegetable flakes are to be sprinkled, a suitable sprinkler unit before the final gauge roll is required.


Direct Gas Fired Oven

Baker Pacific Direct Gas Fired Oven

Z47 type wire-mesh band

Pre-heat is required

Average oven burner rating 28KW/m2

Baking temperatures: 220 / 220 / 220 /180 degrees C

Baking time: 4.0 – 5.0 minutes

High bottom heat in Zones 1 and 2 is required

Oil Spray

Oil spray machine

The oil spray should be located immediately after the oven. An application of 10 – 16% by weight of coconut oil is recommended.


Vegetable cracker packs

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