Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker process and recipes

Process and Recipes

No. of pages:  248

Language:  English

Copyright:   © Academic Press 2020

Published:  2nd March 2020

Imprint:      Academic Press

Paperback ISBN:  9780128205983


Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Process and Recipes is a practical reference that brings a wide range of recipes and production information for crackers, snack crackers, semi-sweet biscuits, short doughs, cookies and sandwich biscuits. These recipes have been developed and tailored to markets in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America and South America. Beginning with the explanation of technical process and formulations, the book provides extensive images and easy-access guidelines for readers to dip their toes into making accessible and marketable biscuits, cookies and crackers.

All the process details, formulations, technical information are based on the notes of Glyn Sykes, who has the wide technical experience and knowledge of the biscuit baking industry. Compiled by Sykes’ family and revised by Iain Davison, this book is a valuable reference for professionals in the biscuit baking industry and students in the food technology field.

Key Features

  • Includes more than 200 tables and images to showcases the process of making crackers, semi-sweet biscuits, short dough biscuits and cookies
  • Presents practical and marketable recipes which could be adapted to special ingredients and commonly used equipment
  • Provides deep insights from experienced experts, showing where to start


Biscuit making companies internationally, Practitioners working in biscuit and baking industries, Students of food technology and engineering, suppliers of ingredients, materials and equipment to the biscuit baking industry.

Table of Contents

1. Crackers   

1.1 Soda and saltine crackers 1.2 Cream crackers 1.3 Malkist crackers 1.4 Butter coconut 1.5 Puff biscuits 1.6 Cornish Wafer type crackers
1.7 Water Biscuits
1.8 Bath Oliver
1.9 Wholemeal crackers
1.10 Crispbread

2. Snack Crackers

2.1 ‘Ritz’ type snack cracker
2.2 ‘TUC’ type cracker
2.3 Three Layer crackers
2.4 Cheese crackers
2.5 Vegetable and herb crackers
2.6 Sesame crackers
2.7 Wheat crackers
2.8 Oyster crackers
2.9 Goldfish type crackers
2.10 Bacon snacks
2.11 Potato chips (baked and fried)
2.12 Munchies potato snacks
2.13 Vanilla snacks
2.14 Little Hearts

3. Semi-sweet biscuits

3.2 Marie, Maria
3.3 Golden Maria
3.4 Rich Tea
3.5 Le Veritable Petit-Buerre
3.6 Petit Buerre
3.7 Tostada
3.8 Nice
3.9 Arrowroot
3.10 Garibaldi biscuits
3.11 Gala Fruit Cookies
3.12 Harvest
3.13 Café Noir
3.14 Morning Coffee
3.16 Animals
3.17 Potato biscuits
3.18 Cabin and Gem biscuits
3.19 Hard tack, Army biscuits

4. Short doughs: rotary moulded biscuits

4.1 Short dough biscuits
4.2 Digestive
4.3 Shortcake
4.4 Fruit Shortcake
4.5 Shortbread
4.6 Abernethy
4.7 Malted Milk
4.8 Frollini
4.9 Ginger biscuits
4.10 Cinnamon Crisp
4.11 Windmill biscuits
4.12 Biscoff®, caramelised biscuits
4.13 Chocolate Fingers, Finger biscuits
4.14 Oaty biscuits
4.15 Vanilla Cookie
4.16 Little Hearts

5. Cookies

5.1 Chocolate chip cookies 5.2 Maryland type cookies
5.3 Oatmeal cookies
5.4 Coconut cookies
5.5 Cookie varieties
5.6 Infant rusks

6. Danish Butter Cookies

6.2.1 Swirl cookie
6.2.2 Pretzel
6.2.3 Vanilla cookie
6.2.4 Coconut and currant cookies
6.2.5 Chocolate chip cookies

7. Sandwich biscuits

7.1 Jam and cream biscuits
7.2 Biscuit sandwiches: raspberry, orange, lemon, butter cream, vanilla cream
7.4 Cheese Crackers
7.5 Chocolate Alfajor
7.6 Chocolate cookie sandwiches
7.6.1 Chocolate cookie sandwich
7.7 Fudge and caramel cookies
7.8 Coconut sandwiches
7.9 Crunch Creams
7.10 Custard Creams
7.11 Fig bars
7.12 Jaffa Cake type
7.13 Lemon Puff
7.14 Mint creams
7.15 Oreo type sandwiches 7.16 Shortbread creams



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