Indirect Radiant Oven

Baker Pacific are the designers of leading Indirect Radiant biscuit ovens. Our experience in design, manufacture, installation and commissioning is over 40 years, originally with Baker Perkins Ltd, UK.

IR oven 1

Button    Indirect radiant ovens bake by infrared radiation, providing a stable penetrative heat transfer, baking the biscuit from the inside and creating excellent volume, texture and flavour

Button    Suitable for all types of biscuits, except high rate crackers, particularly suitable for all soft dough biscuits, cookies and hard sweet biscuits

Button    Hybrid DGF / Indirect Radiant ovens are the optimum specification for most biscuit baking

Button    Indirect Radiant ovens are suitable for our Heat Recovery System, giving best fuel efficiency as shown by independent test

Button    Indirect Radiant ovens are suitable for all types of gas fuel and diesel fuels. Dual fuel burners may be fitted

Button    Our Indirect Radiant ovens are now manufactured in China by Dingson Food Machinery Ltd (DSM), providing a competitive quality and price and service






Oven efficiency with the Heat Recovery System

Independent tests were carried out on 3 ovens in the same factory producing identical rotary moulded biscuits with the same baking time. The tests measured the oven efficiency by calculating the energy usage (gas) in kWh (kilowatt hours) to produce one kg of baked biscuits

Efficiency table




Indirect Radiant heating system

IR heating system






The burners fire into the burner tube of a heat exchanger and the hot air is circulated through radiant tubes above and below the oven band. Baking is by infrared radiation.

The heating system is essentially a closed system and the energy required from the burner is only sufficient to maintain the baking temperature. The extraction system is entirely separate from the heating system.

The burner draws in air for combustion and the excess air in the system is exhausted through a natural flue. This hot air / burnt gas may be used in the Heat Recovery System to provide high fuel efficiency.

HRS oven view








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