BISCUIT, COOKIE AND CRACKER PRODUCTION                  Cover 4Key Features

  • Covers the complete processed food production line, from raw materials to packaged product
  • Shows, in detail, the process, production and packaging equipment for biscuits, cookies and  crackers with more than 200 photos and drawings

Author: Iain Davidson

No. of pages:  244

Copyright: © Academic Press 2018

Published: 12th July 2018

Imprint: Academic Press

eBook ISBN: 9780128155806  Paperback ISBN: 9780128155790


1. The Biscuits
2. Ingredient storage and handling
3. Dough Mixing
4. Dough Feed Systems
5. Dough Forming: Biscuit cutting machines
6. Dough Piece Forming: Laminating
7. Dough Piece Forming: Rotary Moulding
8. Dough Piece Forming: Depositing
9. Biscuit Baking Ovens
10. Oven Conveyor Bands
11. Oil Spray machines
12. Biscuit Cooling and handling
13. Biscuit Sandwiching
14. Biscuit Packaging
15. Biscuit Production
16. Ingredients for biscuits
17. Test Bakery




Baker Pacific e-book 252 pages

Key features

  • Description of each stage of building and installation with photos
  • All main assembly/layout drawings
  • All parts lists
  • Key component specifications and suppliers
  • Detail oven specifications

Senior management staff and engineers in contract engineering companies, biscuit manufacturers and companies supplying production and baking equipment in the food industry world – wide.

To order or for more information contact S. Eldridge Design Ltd.      email:


Biscuit Baking Technology 2nd Edition

cover pic
Imprint:Academic Press

Print Book ISBN :9780128042113

Pages:  333

GBP 106.25   

Order at Elsevier 




Baking Process and Engineering: in-house training program

Presentations based on our “Biscuit Baking Technology” with over 500 slides for 18 presentations

1.The Biscuits  2.Baking process  3.Biscuit design and output  4.Heat transfer  5.Oven designs

6.Oven specifications  7.Direct Gas Fired Ovens  8.Indirect Fired Ovens  9.Heat recovery System

10.Oven bands  11.Oven conveyor design  12.Control equipment  13.Oven operation DGF Ovens

14.Oven operation Indirect Ovens  15.Maintenance  16.Oven inspection and audit

17.Key components  18.Oven efficiency

Training image 2

USD 140.00. Order from Baker Pacific Ltd. by email to, with name, company, address for invoice. 




The report shows the very wide range of packaged snacks available in Indonesia. Indonesia, a country with over 13,600 islands in a tropical sea, tropical forests and mountain ranges which provide temperate climates for growing vegetables and fruits. This enormous variety of landscape provides an abundance of raw materials from grain, vegetable, fruit, fish, seafood and meat.

In this report we have brought together images of a wide variety of snacks and brands to give an introduction to this market. There are many original snack products, which warrant a wider consumer base in Asia and in western countries. The growing market in Indonesia for packaged snacks is an attraction for major global snack makers.


Yeyen Sumarto, Mariana Ermaya, Iain Davidson

Technical Associate: Institut Pertanian Bogor


      • Details of 245 Indonesian snacks, 119 pages
      • Product process and ingredient data
      • Information on special products, for example tempe, tahu, emping, melinjo, local ingredients,             flavours, spices from the famed Spice Islands
      • Retail and pricing information
      • Manufacturers and distributor listings
      • Local knowledge and support team
      • Development contacts with Indonesian food technology organisations


Published as an e-book by Baker Pacific Ltd. 

Price: GBP 120.00 / USD 150.00

To order or for more information contact: 





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