Technology Transfer

Baker Pacific are the designers and builders of international quality Direct Gas Fired and Indirect Radiant ovens. Our experience in design, manufacture, installation and commissioning is over 50 years with Baker Perkins Ltd. and Baker Pacific Ltd.

We have built ovens with a small team and contractors in China, India and Indonesia. Building ovens locally provides important advantages to the bakery.

The cost of a quality imported baking oven will be approximately 40% of the total cost of a cracker line and up to 50% of the cost of a short dough biscuit line. Many international manufacturers of high quality large ovens are located in high cost environments, Europe, USA, Japan, Korea. Local manufacture offers important cost savings.

A considerable proportion of the oven cost is in building the steel structures, baking chambers, heat exchangers, frames, covers and insulation. This work can be carried out successfully in many countries. There is no need to import large steel fabricated items with high capital cost, which can be manufactured successfully locally.

Most biscuit oven manufacturers now assemble their ovens into complete modules before shipment. This reduces the time required on site to assemble the oven. However it results in most of the assembly work being carried out in a high cost environment and in incurring high shipping costs. Shipment of a typical oven may require 10-20 containers with both cost and time disadvantages to the project. The capability to manufacture ovens locally in the growing markets is an important advantage.

  • Reduced fabrication cost
  • Reduced import duties
  • Low shipping cost
  • Oven assembly in a lower cost environment
  • Part payment in local currency
  • Establishment of a local service capability

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