Indirect Radiant Ovens


Baker Pacific are the designers and builders of international quality Direct Gas Fired and Indirect Radiant ovens. Our experience in design, manufacture, installation and commissioning is over 30 years originally with Baker Perkins Ltd.

Baker Pacific combination oven Direct Gas Fired / Indirect Radiant Oven
  • Indirect Radiant ovens bake with infrared radiation, providing a stable, penetrative heat transfer, baking the product from inside and creating excellent volume, structure and texture.
  • Suitable for all types of products except high rate crackers. Particularly suitable for all short dough biscuits, cookies and semi-sweet biscuits
  • Combination Direct Gas Fired / Indirect Radiant ovens are the optimum specification for most biscuit and cracker baking
  • Indirect Radiant ovens are suitable for our Heat Recovery System giving the best fuel efficiency as shown by independent test.

Heat Recovery System

The Indirect Radiant oven has a single burner in each zone. The burner heats a circulation system providing radiant heat to the products. The products of combustion do not enter the baking chamber. As the burners draw in combustion air, the excess flue gas is exhausted through a natural convection flue in each zone. This hot flue gas is partially collected and used to heat one or two additional oven zones, which do not have burners.

Baker Pacific Heat Recovery Zone

The Heat Recovery system will typically improve fuel efficiency by 15% as shown by independent tests.

ProductOven typeOven sizekWh/kg of biscuits
Rotary mouldedIndirect Radiant + Heat Recovery System 1.2m x 100m0.404
Rotary mouldedDGF/convection1.2m x 60m0.430
Rotary mouldedDGF/convection1.5m x 100m0.441
Rotary mouldedIndirect Radiant1.2m x 100m0.475
Rotary mouldedDGF/cyclotherm1.2m x 60m0.492
Snack crackerDGF/convection1.2m x 90m0.477

Scope of Technology Transfer

  • Oven design data
  • Assembly and detail manufacturing drawings
  • Parts lists
  • Material specifications
  • Key component specifications
  • Control and safety systems
  • Electrical wiring diagrams
  • Installation schedule
  • Operation and maintenance manual
Complete manufacturing drawings and parts lists

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