Biscuit Baking Course

Baking process and engineering – baking with infrared radiation

Individual training programs

  • The training programs are designed to suit each company’s requirements. Especially valuable for production management, engineering, maintenance and oven operators
  • The programs include class work with Power Point presentations, discussion and questionnaires.
  • Normally 2 – 3 modules are presented each day and the complete course is delivered in a 5 day week.

Training modules: complete course in one week

Day 1:   Introduction / the biscuits / baking process / biscuit design and output

Day 2:   Heat transfer / oven designs and specifications

Day 3:   Oven bands and conveyor design

Day 4:   Oven control / safety systems / oven operation

Day 5:   Oven maintenance / inspection and audit / oven efficiency / heat recovery system

A Complete set of  500 Power Point slides for your in-house presentations: USD 240.00

Training pic 2

Baker Pacific oven installations for infrared radiation baking featured in the training courses

The training program has over 500 Power Point presentation slides

Traing pic 3

Baker Pacific Training programs for baking process and engineering 

baking with infrared radiation

For enquiries and more information contact Baker Pacific at

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