Baker Pacific was formed in 2000 with colleagues from APV Baker, formerly Baker Perkins Ltd. At APV Baker, we were responsible for contracts including installation and commissioning of biscuit production lines in Europe, North and South America, United States, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

Baker Pacific was first registered in Indonesia and later in Hong Kong and United Kingdom. We supplied process and engineering technology including the manufacture of biscuit baking ovens in Asia.

I continue the Baker Pacific consultancy and the completion of books published by Elsevier https://www.elsevier.com

  • Biscuit Baking Technology. Process and Engineering Manual
  • Biscuit Cookie and Cracker Production. Process, Production and Packaging Equipment
  • Biscuit Cookie and Cracker. Process and Recipes

Iain Davidson

Baker Pacific

Baker Pacific hybrid Direct Gas Fired / Indirect Radiant oven built in China


Process Technology


Our books include detail process technology, recipes and production equipment for all types of biscuits, cookies and crackers.

For enquiries and more information contact Baker Pacific at bakerman@bakerpacific.net

LOGO 2014

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