Solar energy

Mayora Indah bakery in Indonesia with solar panels

Modern biscuit bakeries have long flat roofed production areas. The image above is an example of modern bakery design. New bakeries now often have production areas of around 150m x 30m, 4,500m2. This area could be used for solar panels.

Solar energy for a new bakery

A bakery roof of 4,500m2 could support 2300 solar panels of 400W capacity for each panel. The panel size is 1.7m x 1.1m. 

Energy  = solar panel watts x average hours of sunlight per year x 0.75

0.75 typical efficiency factor.  Hours based on mid Europe: 2000 hours of sunlight per year 


400 W x 2000 hrs x 0.75 = 600,000W per year per panel  

600 kWh/panel x 2300 panels = 1,380,000kWh per year

Power requirement for a production line:

Average power requirement for operating a complete production line is 250kw. (This excludes the energy for baking, which is normally from gas).

The 2300 solar panels would power the production line for 5,520 hours (690 shifts)


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