Direct Gas Fired Oven

Baker Pacific are the designers of leading Direct Gas Fired biscuit ovens. Our experience in design, manufacture, installation and commissioning is over 50 years, with Baker Perkins Ltd, and Baker Pacific Ltd.

Direct Gas Fired Oven

Button    Direct Gas Fired (DGF) ovens bake with infrared radiation, the best heat transfer to create excellent biscuit volume and texture

Button    DGF ovens provide infrared radiant heat over a wide range of heat inputs

Button    Rapid and responsive control of heat input and accurate temperature control

Button    DGF ovens are suitable for all types of products: crackers, cookies, soft doughs, sweet biscuits

Button    DGF with pre-heated oven band and high rate burners is essential for baking crackers

Button    DGF / Indirect Radiant hybrid ovens are the best specification for multi-purpose biscuit lines


DGF diagram

Direct Gas Fired Oven system

Direct Gas Fired ovens use ribbon burners with a zero gas pressure system. Combustion air is fed to the burners from fans in each zone and the air pressure is controlled to increase or decrease the heat input. The system has separate top and bottom temperature control.

Burner pics

Direct Gas Fired High Rate burners for a cracker oven

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