Baker Pacific projects

Baking by Infrared Radiation

Technology Transfers, oven specifications, oven efficiency data

Baker Pacific Direct Gas Fired Oven
Baker Pacific Indirect Radiant oven

Technology transfers

We provide complete technology transfer to enable our partners to build our ovens locally. We have built ovens in China, India and Indonesia with a Transfer of Technology.

  • Oven design data
  • Detail specifications
  • Assembly and detail manufacturing drawings
  • Parts lists
  • Material specifications
  • Component specifications
  • Control and safety systems
  • Electrical wiring diagrams
  • Installation schedule
  • Operation and maintenance manual

Oven specifications and efficiency data

We provide detail oven specifications for each customer requirement in terms of product range, output, space, fuel, services.

Independent tests on our oven efficiency and comparisons of several ovens baking the same product show an important advantage in the Heat Recovery System

Biscuit process and recipe guides

Detail guides for the production of a wide range of biscuits, crackers and cookies

  • Product Description
  • Product specification
  • Production output
  • Nutritional data
  • Formulation
  • Critical ingredients / ingredient specifications
  • Production process / Quality control
  • Production machines
  • Packaging styles 

Training programs

In house training programs on Baking Process and Engineering. The programs are presented in Microsoft Power Point with over 500 slides may be presented in one week. The following is a typical program.

  • Day 1: Introduction / the biscuits / baking process / biscuit design and output
  • Day 2:   Heat transfer / oven designs and specifications
  • Day 3:   Oven bands and conveyor design
  • Day 4:   Oven control / safety systems / oven operation
  • Day 5:   Oven maintenance / inspection and audit / oven efficiency / heat recovery system

Buying a production line

A complete 13 page guide to specifying and purchasing a production line for biscuits, cookies or crackers

  • Detail specification of the production line following the customer’s requirements
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Comparison of quotations
  • Commercial terms
  • Contract: detail scope of the confirmed order

Caramel Process

Process technology for caramels for biscuit, wafer, cake. Our technology ensures that the moisture in the caramel does not migrate to the biscuit or wafer and the biscuit and wafer stay crisp and the caramel stays soft. Our caramel has a long shelf life in ambient conditions.

We supply caramel to a multi-national chain of coffee shops from our company in Indonesia.

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