MFB burners for cracker baking

High rate MFB burners may be used in the first zones of the oven. The additional high radiant heat aids rapid lift and expansion of the crackers, resulting in a more open texture and faster baking.

  •  Direct heat transfer by radiation (without contact and air movement)
  •  High radiant power density 100 – 1000 kW/m2
  •  Precise control and power modulation
  •  Energy consumption savings compared to conventional direct gas Fired burners
  •  Low pollution (up to 80% less CO and NOX)
  •  Safe for people and equipment (no burn back)
  •  Low maintenance

DGF oven

MFB burner post pic

Baker Pacific oven with MFB (Metal-Fibre burners) baking crackers with infra-red radiation


LOGO 2014

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