How to build a biscuit oven

The ovens shown below were built by contractors in China, India and Indonesia. Our team for the complete projects consisted of 5 people. The ovens were built, installed and commissioned with the minimum overhead and company cost and a large part of the manufacturing cost was incurred in local currency.

Our team consisted of a Project Manager, Design Engineer, Electrical engineer, Local manager for contractors, Installation supervisor.

Our team built Direct Gas Fired ovens, Indirect Radiant ovens and Hybrid ovens. Many biscuit bakeries and  engineering contractors could provide a similar team to build first class biscuit baking ovens to the bakery’s specification at low cost – avoiding high overheads, shipping costs and incurring a large percentage of the cost in local currency.

For more information and technical support for design and manufacturing visit:

S.Eldridge Design Ltd.






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