Caramel Process Technology

Caramel process technology

Caramel produced for bakery products, wafer, biscuit, cookie, waffel requires two important features, moisture retention and long shelf life. Caramel has a high moisture content and when in contact with the baked product, for example a wafer, this moisture will migrate to wafer. The result will be a soft wafer and a hard caramel.

Our process technology acquired from Europe ensures that the moisture in the caramel does not migrate to the baked product, so the result is a crisp wafer or biscuit and a soft caramel.

The caramel has a shelf life up to 12 months at ambient temperatures and humidity if kept in a sealed container.

Our range of caramels

Premium caramel

A caramel for coating and sandwiching of biscuits, wafers and waffels. The baked products remain crisp with a long shelf life and the caramel retains its soft, creamy texture.

Baker’s caramel

A soft caramel for the filling of bakery products such as doughnuts, buns, cookies. The caramel retains moisture and provides good shelf life.

Salted caramel

The new, popular flavour for baked products, with our Premium and Baker’s caramels.

Honey caramel

A Premium caramel made with pure honey, giving a special flavour with long shelf life and moisture retention.

Our technology is from Europe

Our caramel technology is provided under licence using proven European recipes and process. We provide the complete process technology with technical support for the caramels.

  • Providing product specification, ingredient specifications and formulation
  • Providing process data (cooking, cooling, application to the product)
  • Preparation of samples

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